Secret Lockpick Rolodex

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De Secret Lockpick Rolodex.

Een Ongelooflijke hoeveelheid lockpickinformatie.

  • Pin tumbler locks
  • Safe cracking
  • Picking lever locks
  • Picking wafer locks
  • Opening combination locks
  • Picking car locks
  • High security locks
  • High security pins
  • Making your own picks and tools
  • Lock bypass techniques
  • Car bypass techniques
  • Bump keys
  • Buying highly specialized tools of the trade
  • Tons of secret lock picking web pages
  • Nearly 200 web pages listed and described
  • Access to 35+ of the hardest-to-find lock picking books out there
  • Links to countless hours of video footage too controversial for YouTube
  • Where the lock picking shops get their stock and how to buy directly from them
  • And TONS more
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